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Customizing for Success

Customized Learning Experience

iLearn Math customizes two very important aspects of the learning process - the content and the pacing.

It does this in real time. That is, it monitors every input by the student and makes decisions about what to do next, including what topic to teach next, what to practice, how much practice to provide, what to review and how much review to provide.

If a student does not pass a lesson on any test on the first attempt, it automatically schedules and delivers a "selected review" that reviews only the specific kinds of problems they haven't yet mastered. They must meet the mastery requirements to complete this selective review. Only then are they allowed to retake the test.

Customized Curriculum

Based on the customization process above, iLearn Math teaches only the topics each student has not yet learned.

  • For students who have difficulty with math, this means it begins by efficiently identifying any "gaps" below grade level. It then delivers the instruction, practice and review necessary to fill these gaps.
  • For student who are more advanced, and have few (or no) gaps below grade level, it allows them to move even faster through the curriculum by exempting lessons that they intuitively understand on their own, without having to take the instruction on that topic.

The end result for every student is that they never waste time learning things they already know. But, at the same time, they are required to master each topic in sequence, which builds a solid foundation for learning later topics.

Personalized Pace

In addition to the content, iLearn Math also customizes the pace of instruction to match the natural pace at which each student learns.

It adjusts the amount of instruction, practice, and review based on how the student performs.

  • It reviews the content when the student's performance indicates that it's needed.
  • It adjusts the amount of practice based on the student's performance - more practice when the student needs it to reach mastery - less practice when they "get it" quickly.

These features combined means that the level of challenge remains constant throughout the curriculum. It's never too hard; never too easy. It never moves too fast; never too slow.

It's a customized learning experience for every student that feels "just right" for every student.