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All of the information you need to know about how iLearn works for your family.

The Positive Learning System

iLearn Math is the true mastery-based program that adapts to the needs of each student, and frees you up to monitor and work closely with your child. 

iLearn's prescriptive approach to math education is unique. With iLearn Math, students have a customized technology tool that effectively guides each student through only the content needed and skipping over content already mastered.

We call it the "prescriptive approach to math education" because iLearn Math identifies each student's math gaps and delivers instruction and practice until mastery for each topic the student needs - not to mention, it's completely automated.

How It Works

Students advance by skipping the math they know and mastering the math they don't. 

iLearn Math delivers math instruction from Kindergarten through Algebra. It is prescriptive, meaning students do not manually select topics to learn, but rather are guided to the content they need to learn based on their performance in the placement process and challenge tests.

Students begin with Placement Tests, which identify the lowest math gap (some students might start in 1st grade and others in Algebra, or anywhere in between - it's all individual at the student level). After placement, students can skip over any content they already know by passing Challenge Tests, which are offered at every level, so that students have plenty of opportunities to skip any content they already know - even if they accidentally make a mistake in a challenge test.

Students frequently move up quickly from their starting point. When a student cannot pass a Challenge Quiz, they will see multimedia Lesson Instruction and complete Lesson Practice and Mastery Tests. Mastery Tests, at the end of each Chapter and Unit, allow you to document and verify mastery of the content. Click below to read a more detailed explanation of how iLearn Math works.

iLearn in Action

See iLearn in action from the student point of view as they advance.

Just start

After logging in, students just click the start button. Start launches iLearn Math, and guides the student through the program automatically. Parent's are required to remember what content their child has already completed or evaluate whether their child has mastered topics. iLearn Math does that all for you, just by clicking start.

Placement Tests

Your child will complete one to several Placement Tests - depending on their performance. The Placement Tests determine at what level in iLearn Math your child will begin. All tests in iLearn Math are designed to be intuitive - so if students know the math, they can pass the test without difficulty.

Challenge Tests

After the Placement Test, your child will take Challenge Tests at the Unit, Chapter, and Lesson level. Passing a Unit Challenge Test exempts the student from all the Chapters and Lessons in that Unit. Passing a Chapter Challenge exempts the student from all the Lessons in that Chapter. Passing a Lesson Challenge exempts the student from that Lesson's Lesson Instruction, Lesson Practice and (if included) Lesson Mixed Practice.

Lesson Instructions

When a student reaches a Lesson Challenge Quiz they cannot pass, they will enter the Lesson Instruction. Lesson Instruction is the core of iLearn Math. When a student reaches a Lesson Instruction, it is on a topic the student doesn't already know and needs to learn. Lesson Instruction is typically about 4-5 minutes of a multi-media presentation that reduces distraction so that students learn the math. Lesson Instructions are professionally narrated and designed explicitly to explain the topic to the student without distractions or clutter. 

Lesson Practice

After Lesson Instruction, students will practice what they just learned. Unlike textbooks and other programs, this Lesson Practice covers only the topic the student just learned in Lesson Instruction to verify the student has learned the content. Some Lessons include a Lesson Mixed Practice after Lesson Practice which mixes practice questions from Lessons throughout the Chapter.

Mastery Tests

At the end of each Chapter and Unit students complete a Mastery Test. The Mastery Test covers the same types of questions seen in the Challenge Test and verifies that the student learned the topics in the Chapter or Unit. If students don't pass a Mastery Test, they take a Focused Review which has practice questions from the Mastery Test the student answered incorrectly.

Cumulative Review

After passing some Mastery Tests, students will be required to complete a Cumulative Review. These review sessions offer students the ability to review only the content they've already mastered, helping to build long term retention of the topics your child needed to learn.

View Sample Lessons

Do you want to see some sample lessons available in iLearn Math? Click below to launch our vBook demo. You can see a lessons per grade level throughout our entire curriculum to understand better our approach. The demo will not function the same as iLearn Math, because it will allow you to select any lesson or topic. But, it'll give you a good idea about how we approach topics and how students will interact with iLearn Math.