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iLearn Incentification™ - iLearn offers new ways to document and encourage student learning and growth with enhanced feedback and a rewarding incentive system.

iLearn Incentification™

iLearn Incentification™ rewards students with their progress in math, keeping them engaged in the content and eager to keep learning more.




the process of requiring success, nurturing success, then celebrating success

How Students Experience iLearn Incentification™

As students advance in iLearn Math, they are rewarded with coins, gems, and points with our innovating system - iLearn Incentification™.


Students earn points in iLearn by progressing.

Students earn points by advancing in iLearn Math. Points are tied to the student's location in iLearn Math, so as they advance students are rewarded with progress points which celebrates their success. Students will see their points increase on their learning interface, which keeps them motivated to continue advancing in iLearn Math.


Students earn coins in iLearn which can be used to collect special rewards.

While advancing in iLearn Math, students will earn coins. Coins can be used to Customize their experience in iLearn Math by allowing students to collect banners, avatars, correct answer sounds, and stickers. This customization allows students to add fun to their math learning experience, keeping them motivated.


Students earn gems by going above and beyond the minimum requirements.

Gems are rewarded based on the student's performance - for example, scoring 100% on a Mastery Test and can be used by the student to collect special banners, avatars, correct answer sounds, and stickers. The special items collectible with gems add more character the students customization.

Trophies and Celebrations

Students are also awarded with trophies as they succeed beyond Units and are rewarded with graphic celebrations.

Unit Trophies

Students are automatically rewarded with Unit trophies when completing whole Units.

When students pass a Unit by Challenging or Mastering they will earn the Unit trophy for that Unit. Unit Trophies are like stickers, and students can display Unit trophies on their iLearn Math learning interface as a visual reminder of their success. Students love adding their most recently mastered Unit trophy to their screen.

Reward Animations

To keep them motivated, students are see engaging and dynamic reward animations when they complete elements in iLearn.

Passing Challenge and Mastery Tests are important and rewarding feats. iLearn Math has many graphic reward animations that celebrates your child's success as they pass a Unit or Chapter and allow for a brief, fun break for your child between topics, and visually engages your child in their success.