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wendyMy children have struggled since 4th grade with math. I’ve tried to help them myself, paid for tutors, and tried to get consistent assistance from teachers at their school. I even requested a textbook to use over the summer or if they knew of any refresher classes my kids could take, and the counselor told me… “Well we can’t loan you a book and don’t know of any classes, but if you find something, please let us know.”

At the end of school two years ago, I took them to the Tutoring Club to get them tested. I paid about $300 for them to tell me that both of my children had math ‘gaps’ beginning with the 4th grade. Great… I just spent $300 on something I already knew. Then they told me it would cost about $6,000 of personal one-on-one tutoring time to fill these gaps… definite sticker shock!

After that, I went on a search and stumbled upon your iLearn program through a family member who is a teacher at a local middle school. She said they use it in their math curriculum and that there was a home use version. I was amazed to find that your program pin-points gaps in math knowledge at a very individual level and at a wonderfully reasonable price. I signed both my kids up immediately for a year.

Initially, they were not very happy. How many kids would choose to do extra math over the summer and during holiday breaks?? Anyway, I’ve seen both of them become much more confident in their approach to math problems and they do not struggle as much as they have in the past. My son’s grades have improved from B to C range before iLearn to A’s. My daughter is a little different in that she was older (about to begin 10th grade) before beginning the program. She still struggles a little, but things are definitely better than before.

I loved the program so much that I have encouraged others to sign-up. I think at least two people I work with have purchased iLearn for their children and have been extremely pleased with the results. I have also passed along the iLearn info to the school my children attend. Now at least they can provide this valuable information to other struggling families.

Thanks for your help!

Wendy – Alabama

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