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Learn How To Master Fraction Multiplication

In this training video, you'll learn:

  • The rule for multiplying fractions
  • Where the rule comes from and why it makes sense in real life
  • Delivered in the only method proven to work every time, using an easy to understand visual array

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  • Video 2: Applications: Fractions – Multiplication/Division – Fraction of a Number
  • Video 3: Applications: Fractions – Multiplication/Division – Times as Many
  • Video 4: Multiplying Fractions by a Number Less Than, Greater Than, or Equal to One
  • Video 5: Multiplying Mixed Numbers

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JoyceMy grandson has been using iLearn Math during 7th grade. He has ADHD, causing some focus issues in learning. The wonderful thing with iLearn is the tutorials are very user friendly. It focuses where he is having issues, and then teaches only that portion.   He has advanced 2 grade levels, and is even doing some 8th grade math now.

Joyce F. - Sacramento, CA

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